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Beerfreaks - Distribuição e importação de Cerveja Artesanal


Beerfreaks is born from a group of friends’ passion for beer. When the Portuguese market could no longer meet our freak tasting session needs, we realized that a lot of the great beers that the craft community has to offer didn't make it to Portugal.

Beerfreaks wants to provide the whole country with quality craft beer. We also want to share our passion for beer and get more people to join the craft beer community. Last but not least, we want to ensure our customers that our portfolio just includes beers that we really enjoy drinking and trustworthy brands.


Beerfreaks is a wholesaler that supplies bars, restaurants, cafés and stores. We are also willing to make a wish come true to any consumer that has an urge to try one of our beers.


Please contact us for corporate or private events as we will create a craftsman’s experience tailored to your needs.
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